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Williams College and Mystic Seaport

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Address: 75 Greenmanville Ave Mystic, CT 06355

Phone: 860-572-5359

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Program 1

Program Name: B.S. in Maritime Studies leading to a(n) B.S.

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Comments on Program: About the Program Maritime Studies is an interdisciplinary, cross-divisional program that examines the literature, history, policy issues, and science of the ocean. Because of the interdisiplinary nature of the course of study, the professors and concentrators have a variety of majors and primary areas of study, ranging from theatre to economics to geology to history. All share, however, a deep respect for the world's oceans. History of the Program The Williams- Mystic program started in the 1970's as a WSP to Mystic Seaport led by Professor Benjamin Labaree. After a sucessful winter study, the class recommended trying to establish a more permanent relationship with the Seaport. A small group of Williams professors, including Ben Labaree, and a committed group of educators and administrators at Mystic sketched out a semester- long program designed to look at the ocean from a truly interdisiplinary perspective. Policy, literature, history, and science would all be part of the curriculum. In 1975-1976 the Williams faculty and the Seaport's board of directors voted to establish the Williams- Mystic Program in American Maritime Studies. In the fall of 1977 Wiliams- Mystic accepted its first class. Since that time the program has had over 1000 students, approximately 23 per semester, from colleges as far flung as Stamford and Vanderbilt. But by far the largest body of alumni hail from Williams. While Williams is obviously not located on a coast, it became obvious that there was a demand for even more extensive study of the ocean. In 2002- 2003 Professor Ronadh Cox and several other Williams faculty wrote a proposal for a concentration in maritime studies. Part way through the fall 2003 semester the faculty voted almost unanimously to establish the Martitime Studies concentration. The new concentration is designed to utilise the Williams- Mystic program but requires courses both before and after the Mystic semester at Williams.

Educational programs at Williams College and Mystic Seaport prepare students for employments in the following ocean-related sectors of the economy:

Communicationssubmarine cabling, satellites, acoustics, etc.
Educationelementary, secondary,, informal, etc.
Energyoil and gas extraction and exploration, mineral extraction, water extraction, etc.
Food, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Husbandryfishing, food extraction, aquarium technology, etc.
Government Assessment and Regulationenvironmental monitoring, environmental forecasting, fisheries enforcement, environmental protection, flood control, etc
Marine Construction (other than ship)coastal engineering, marine construction, etc.
Marine Instrumentsdesign and repair, navigation equipment, marine hardware and parts, etc.
Multi-purpose Activitiesdata management, computer operation, maintenance, and repair, electronics design, etc.
Multimedia/The Artsjournalism, film, photography, etc.
National Security/Defenseenvironmental protection, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, etc.
Navigationbathymetric charting, electronic charts, RADAR navigation, etc.
Recreation and Tourismcruises, coastal tourism, recreational equipment, SCUBA, sport fishing, etc.
Scientific/Medical Researchscientific surveying, biologial geological, chemical, archeological sampling, weather and climate, remote sensing, etc.)
Search and Recoverysalvage, exploration, etc.
Ship Construction and Maintenanceship design, propulsion technology, shipwright, etc.
Transportation and Commercecargo transportation, harbor and port operations, poloting, dredging, etc.
Underwater Intervention Technologycommercial diving, ROV/AUV technology, submersibles, etc.

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