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Area of StudySectors of the economy addressed by Area Number of Institutions
Communicationssubmarine cabling, satellites, acoustics, etc. [1 Institutions]
Educationelementary, secondary,, informal, etc. [221 Institutions]
Energyoil and gas extraction and exploration, mineral extraction, water extraction, etc. [1 Institutions]
Food, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Husbandryfishing, food extraction, aquarium technology, etc. [41 Institutions]
Government Assessment and Regulationenvironmental monitoring, environmental forecasting, fisheries enforcement, environmental protection, flood control, etc [44 Institutions]
Marine Construction (other than ship)coastal engineering, marine construction, etc. [29 Institutions]
Marine Instrumentsdesign and repair, navigation equipment, marine hardware and parts, etc. [26 Institutions]
Multi-purpose Activitiesdata management, computer operation, maintenance, and repair, electronics design, etc. [13 Institutions]
Multimedia/The Artsjournalism, film, photography, etc. [1 Institutions]
National Security/Defenseenvironmental protection, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, etc. [1 Institutions]
Navigationbathymetric charting, electronic charts, RADAR navigation, etc. [1 Institutions]
Recreation and Tourismcruises, coastal tourism, recreational equipment, SCUBA, sport fishing, etc. [13 Institutions]
Scientific/Medical Researchscientific surveying, biologial geological, chemical, archeological sampling, weather and climate, remote sensing, etc.) [54 Institutions]
Ship Construction and Maintenanceship design, propulsion technology, shipwright, etc. [31 Institutions]
Underwater Intervention Technologycommercial diving, ROV/AUV technology, submersibles, etc. [24 Institutions]

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