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Instruction is provided in the areas of:

Communicationssubmarine cabling, satellites, acoustics, etc.
Educationelementary, secondary,, informal, etc.
Energyoil and gas extraction and exploration, mineral extraction, water extraction, etc.
Food, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Husbandryfishing, food extraction, aquarium technology, etc.
Government Assessment and Regulationenvironmental monitoring, environmental forecasting, fisheries enforcement, environmental protection, flood control, etc
Marine Construction (other than ship)coastal engineering, marine construction, etc.
Marine Instrumentsdesign and repair, navigation equipment, marine hardware and parts, etc.
Multi-purpose Activitiesdata management, computer operation, maintenance, and repair, electronics design, etc.
Multimedia/The Artsjournalism, film, photography, etc.
National Security/Defenseenvironmental protection, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, etc.
Navigationbathymetric charting, electronic charts, RADAR navigation, etc.
Recreation and Tourismcruises, coastal tourism, recreational equipment, SCUBA, sport fishing, etc.
Scientific/Medical Researchscientific surveying, biologial geological, chemical, archeological sampling, weather and climate, remote sensing, etc.)
Search and Recoverysalvage, exploration, etc.
Ship Construction and Maintenanceship design, propulsion technology, shipwright, etc.
Transportation and Commercecargo transportation, harbor and port operations, poloting, dredging, etc.
Underwater Intervention Technologycommercial diving, ROV/AUV technology, submersibles, etc.

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