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College or University: University of Notre Dame

Type of degree: M.S.

Brief overview of program: Department Description: The Department of Biological Sciences offers studies at the leading edge of life science research. Areas of study and research are infectious and vector-borne diseases, cell and cancer biology, physiology, ecology and evolution. Graduate students conduct their research in any of 30 faculty laboratories. Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to incorporate research into their curriculum and university experience. State of the art facilities involving microscopy, DNA sequencing, and extraordinarily well equipped faculty laboratories are available to students electing to do research. The undergraduate curriculum has as its goal the training of life scientists in the latest developments in life science. The curriculum has as one of its cornerstones laboratory courses that emphasize the experiential nature of the life sciences. The new Jordan Hall for science teaching will only enhance these aspects of the curriculum. The Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences prepares a student for many postgraduate opportunities including medical, dental, veterinary and law professional schools as well as numerous graduate programs in areas of the life sciences. Students also enter the job market with pharmaceutical firms, consulting firms, research laboratories and non-government organizations (NGOs).

Website: Click here for program website

Program Point of Contact: Loretta Wasmuth



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