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Marine Science

College or University: California State University - East Bay

Type of degree: B.S.

Brief overview of program: California State University, East Bay, is on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, with a Contra Costa satellite Campus near the outer California Delta. CSUEB's Department of Marine Science includes mainly advanced classes and research at Moss Landing Marine Labs (our consortium on Monterey Bay,) plus related programs on San Francisco Bay and Delta through Hayward Campus Departments of Biological Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Chemistry/Biochemistry. Each Department works closely with other environmental organizations, including California Center for Integrative Coastal Research, for monitoring California's coastline enrironment, and San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex, restoring historical habitats and endangered populations to San Francisco Bay, with Environmental Education through San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society. Full-time students also can apply for extra classes at other bay-area CSUs and UCs, at no further cost, through the concurrent enrollment program.

Website: Click here for program website

Tuition (2007):In State: $2,970, Out of State: $5,982

Description of Facilities: Cal State U East Bay has a series of well equipped and versatile mobile labs on land and water, plus field facilities largely sponsored through collaboration with other environmental organizations such as San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society, and San Francisco Bay area CSUs. A major emphasis at CSUEB is Scientific, Multidisciplinary Environmental Restoration with Education. Marine and Freshwater facilities include the CSU Consortum Marine Laboratories on Monterey Bay, 1 hour away, Gazos Creek Field Station with Pescadero Alliance, near the Gazos Creek Lagoon on the open coast, plus nearby San Francisco Bay Shoreline Refuges.

Program Faculty: Prof. Christopher Kitting, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences, Director, Shore Lab) –Food webs. Shore Restoration. Prof. Joy Andrews, Ph.D. (Chemistry) -Environmental Chemistry Prof. Emeritus Samuel McGinnis, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences) - Ecology of Large Vertebrates of Marshes and freshwater. Prof. Emeritus Edward Lyke, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences) - Invertebrate Zoology Associate Prof. Mitch Craig, Ph.D. (Geological Sciences) - Seismology and Sedimentary Science. Prof. Emeritus Dietlef Warnke, Ph.D. (Geological Sciences) - Deep Coring and history of Earth's Crust Prof. Emeritus James Nybakken, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences, at Moss Landing Marine Labs) -Invertebrate Biology. Adjunct/Research Associate John Rees, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences) - Gelatinous Zooplankton Biology and other Cnidaria. plus Moss Landing faculty, plus other collaborating professors and lecturers in the above departments on the Hayward campus, but focused primarily outside Marine Science.

Student Support: Full scholarships for outstanding undergraduates are available through CSUEB's University Presidential Scholars Program. For grad's and undergrad's, several scholarships, including minority scholarships, are available for ~$1000/year, through CSUEB College of Science. Paid internships plus many smaller awards, and part-time research assistantships and research expenses often are available through individual professors with research grants. Separate departments normally can offer ~$1000/qtr for teaching assistantships for advanced students. Moss Landing Labs have additional support available to students there. CSUEB has an office for student funding and loans.

Program Point of Contact: Ms. Kathleen Hackl


Department: Department of Biological Sciences

Institution address: California State University, East Bay 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd
                             Hayward,CA 94542

Phone: 510-885-3471


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