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Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science

College or University: University of California, Santa Barbara

Type of degree: Ph.D.

Brief overview of program: The Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara is a multidisciplinary program bringing together marine faculty from across the UCSB campus to provide graduate training leading to the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Marine Science. The diversity of research interests, perspectives, and expertise within the program promotes the development of a broad foundation in marine science and appreciation for interdisciplinary approaches to education and research while also allowing students to develop depth in specific subdisciplines within the field. The >40 faculty participating in the program come from 9 departments on campus including the Departments of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, Earth Science, Geography, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, and Anthropology. The UCSB campus is one of the few research universities in the world located directly on the ocean, making it an ideal site for marine research and education. Marine laboratory facilities at other institutions are usually isolated from the main campus, often by hundreds of miles. But marine education and research at UCSB occurs directly on the main campus where access to the full range of resources, facilities, and intellectual expertise offered by a large, research university are immediately available.

Website: Click here for program website

Tuition (2007):In State: $8,074, Out of State: $23,062

Number of students enrolled in 2007: 35

For the students that enter the workforce, what are the most common occupations that they pursue with this degree or certificate? University Research and Teaching Environmental Non-profit organizations Staff for Government Agencies

Program Photos:

  • ucsb_aerial_view_1.jpg
    UCSB is directly on the California Coast providing a wealth of nearby habitats for study.

Description of Facilities: UCSB provides a full spectrum of modern facilities in marine science. These include a flow-through seawater system serving three main buildings on campus, electron and laser confocal microscopes, a fleet of coastal boats, scuba facilities, collection services for marine organisms, and extensive modern computing, GIS, remote sensing and mapping facilities. A TeraScan ground station on campus automatically receives and processes global satellite imagery, including sea surface temperature and ocean color. Extensive chemical analysis is available through the Marine Science Institute Analytical Laboratory. The University maintains field stations on Santa Cruz Island and two local estuaries, which are part of the University of California Natural Reserve System.

Program Point of Contact: Melanie Fujii-Abe

Email: marinegp-info@lifesci.ucsb.e

Department: Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science

Institution address: University of California
                             Santa Barbara,CA 93106

Phone: 805-893-8605


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