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Biology and Marine Sciences

College or University: University of Alabama

Type of degree: B.S.

Brief overview of program: We offer a dual degree program, in biology (or geology or chemistry) and marine science, that requires our students to spend several summers at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, located just south of Mobile (please check out the website at This program allows our students to work on a biology degree here on main campus during the academic year, where the bulk of our courses are geared toward freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems, and then spend time in highly intensive, hands-on marine science courses during the summers This schedule permits the students to complete their general requirements (e.g., general chemistry, math, geology) as well as the university’s required core courses for graduation at main campus with the maximum of options In order to fulfill the requirements of our marine science program, students take 2 semesters of general chemistry, geology, and physics, and a single semester of statistics on main campus. Required marine science classes at the sea lab include: Marine Biology, Marine Geology, Oceanography, Marine Technical Methods, and an Elective. These courses are in addition to the liberal arts core curriculum designated by the university and the requirements of the chosen co-major. With two summers of marine science courses at Dauphin Island Sea Lab and a realistic load of classes each semester, graduation in four years is very possible

Website: Click here for program website

Program Point of Contact: Julie Olsen



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