Ecotour Guide


Description: The growing popularity of the oceans and coasts as a tourist destination is largely attributable to its remarkable natural environment, particularly its spectacular coastline and coral reefs. Ecotourism encompasses activities such as structured environmental education programs for tourists, ranging from whale-watching excursions to involvement of volunteers in research, and a host of other activities designed to provide visitors with access to, and information about, natural features in a low impact manner. With the rapid growth in the ecotourism industry since 1990, a great variety of educational experiences relying on verbal and practical demonstrations await the traveller. While boat skippers and trained guides can provide valuable information about the local environment, there is increasing demand for high quality information, at various levels of sophistication, to be provided by people with a more global understanding of their discipline. This knowledge is usually acquired through degree programs. Students planning a career in ecotourism should be aware that employment in some areas is seasonal. In addition to the large number of private tourist operators that employ 'environmental interpreters', many government agencies also provide interpretive services to the public. Could not pull profile information.