Welding Steam Pipe Junction

Bulkhead Repair

Miles of Wires

Hoisting Parts Up From Propulsion Spaces

Deck Preservation

Bulkhead Lagging

Greasing a Fitting

Preparing to Replace Large Propeller

Erecting Scafolding

Grinding Up A Deck

Grinding Up A Deck (more)

Sanding Out Pipe Seams

Structural Repairs

Surface Grinding

Smoothing Out a Weld

Preparing to deploy equipment

Night picture of A-frame assembly

Posing at sea

Preparing a CTD

Bad Weather

Buoy Tender

Platform making for sea

Buoy Recovery

Successful Buoy Deployment

Last Minute Adjustments

Preparing to dive

Releasing the submersible

Scientists Manning a Deep Sea Sub

Deck Operations

Scientists Examine Deployable SONAR Equipment

CTD Preparation


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