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Boiler Operators and Tenders - Low Pressure


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Boiler Operators and Tenders - Low Pressure


Operate or tend low pressure stationary steam boilers and auxiliary steam equipment, such as pumps, compressors and air conditioning equipment, to supply steam heat for office buildings, apartment houses, or industrial establishments; to maintain steam at specified pressure aboard marine vessels; or to generate and supply compressed air for operation of pneumatic tools, hoists, and air lances.

Other titles in this work field include:

  • air compressor operator
  • air compressor operator
  • apprentice, stationary engineer
  • boiler fireman
  • boiler operator
  • boiler operator helper
  • boiler room helper
  • boiler room operator
  • boiler technician
  • boiler technician
  • compressor operator
  • compressor, boiler
  • cooling system operator
  • cooling tower operator
  • diesel engine operator
  • dredge pump operator
  • engineer, air compressor
  • engineer, air conditioning
  • engineer, air plant
  • engineer, blowing
  • engineer, boiler
  • engineer, breaker
  • engineer, building
  • engineer, byproduct
  • engineer, combustion, operating power plant
  • engineer, diesel stationary
  • engineer, exhauster
  • engineer, fan engine
  • engineer, heating operators of heating systems
  • engineer, maintenance
  • engineer, power house
  • engineer, pump house
  • engineer, pumping station
  • engineer, refrigeration
  • engineer, steam
  • engineer, watch
  • engineman
  • engineman
  • exhaust worker
  • fan runner
  • firer, low pressure
  • firer, marine
  • firer, retort
  • gas engine operator
  • gas engine operator
  • heating and ventilating worker
  • humidifier attendant
  • low pressure firer
  • marine firer
  • plugman
  • power operator
  • power plant operator
  • power station operator
  • powerhouse attendent
  • powerhouse operator
  • powerhouse tender
  • powerman
  • powerman
  • pump house operator
  • refrigerating engineer
  • retort firer
  • stationary boiler fireman
  • stationary engineer apprentice
  • stationary fireman
  • steam boiler fireman
  • steam plant operator
  • steam turbine operator
  • tank farm operator
  • turbine operator
  • turbo electric operator
  • turbo operator
  • ventilation worker
  • watch engine operator
  • water pump operator
  • water pumper



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