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Environmental Enforcement Officers (or Environmental Compliance Inspectors)



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Environmental Enforcement Officers (or Environmental Compliance Inspectors)


Inspect and investigate sources of pollution to protect the public and environment and ensure conformance with Federal, State, and local regulations and ordinances.

Other titles in this work field include:

  • adjustment examiner
  • agricultural chemicals inspector
  • appraiser
  • compliance analyst
  • compliance manager
  • compliance officer
  • compliance specialist
  • engineer, inspecting
  • equal opportunity counselor
  • equal opportunity specialist
  • examiner
  • field examiner
  • field investigator
  • hazardous waste management specialist
  • health inspector
  • inspector, air pollution
  • inspector, boiler
  • inspector, environmental compliance
  • inspector, industrial waste
  • inspector, quality assurance
  • inspector, scales
  • inspector, water pollution control
  • inspector, weights and measures
  • investigator, immigration
  • medical investigator
  • permit review assistant
  • pesticide control inspector
  • port patrol officer
  • quality assurance representative
  • registration specialist, agricultural chemicals
  • regulatory compliance specialist
  • reviewing officer, driver's license
  • sanitation inspector
  • warehouse examiner



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