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Tasks and Duties

  • Maintain exhibit aesthetics by maintain viewing surface, adding and removing specimens, maintaining proper lighting, and removing unwanted materials
  • Maintain life support by monitoring equipment performance and troubleshooting, repairing and replacing equipment as necessary.
  • Maintain water quality by frequent water testing.
  • Acquire specimens after identifying sources and obtaining permits. Oversee specimen transport, acclimation and introduction into exhibits.
  • Determine the dietary needs of specimens. Prepare and feed specimens.
  • Maintain and record animal health by observe and diagnosing health issues, and applying appropriate treatments.
  • Design exhibits after determining theme and focus and after conducting feasibility study. Design appropriate life support system.
  • Locate and order materials, prepare location and construct exhibits.
  • Assist with training, education and media relations. May include training of volunteers and interns and preparation of presentations for tours.



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