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Marine Biologists


Profile - Pat Iampietro, Hydrographer

Iampietro’s work requires an excellent understanding, both mechanically and functionally, of a wide range of technologies.

Profile - Ginny Broadhurst, Marine Program Coordinator

As marine program coordinator for the Northwest Straits Commission, Ginny Broadhurst is pursuing her dream. “I’ve always wanted to work with people, policies, and science to do a better job of protecting the marine environment,” she says.

Profile - Jenny Cook, Marine Educator

Jenny Cook has been working as a marine educator at Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama for almost seventeen years. Located on the eastern tip of a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, the lab is Alabama’s marine education and research center – the home site of the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium, a group of state educational institutions.

Profile - Melissa Phipps, Aquarium Curator

Melissa Phipps is the Aquarium Curator at the Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical Garden in Columbia, South Carolina. She began her career as a volunteer with no animal husbandry experience and received the training she needed on the job.

Profile - Shannon Atkinson - Marine Biologist

Profile - Deborah Bouchard - Aquaculture Microbiologist

Profile - Jamie M. Courname - Fisheries Ecologist

Profile - Bruce W. Altrock - Marine Biotechnologist

Profile - M. Brandon Jones - Marine Biologist

Profile - Robert E. Hueter - Marine Biologist

Profile - Stephen C. Jewett - Marine Biologist

Profile - Russel Hill - Marine Biotechnologist

Profile - Jennifer C. Hooper - Marine Biologist

Profile - Steve Engstrom - Marine Biologist

Profile - Kevin McAllister - Baykeeper

Profile - Janice Sessing - Marine Biologist

Profile - Maryellen Timmons - Marine Education Specialist

Profile - Derrick Toba - Environmental Planner

Profile - Stephen Truchon - Marine Ecologist

Profile - Ivan F. Gonzalez - Sensory Biophysicist

Profile - Lisa Munger - Biological Oceanographer

Profile - Myron J. Kebus - Aquaculture Veterinarian

Profile - Edward J. Noga - Aquatic Veterinarian

Profile - Valeria Steverlynck - Oyster Aquaculturist

Profile - Ashanti Pyrtle - Assist. Professor, Aquatic Science

Profile - Lauren Mullineaux - Senior Scientist, Biology

Profile - Melanie Holland - Research Assistant

Profile - Chris Wade - Dive Safety Officer & Senior Aquarist

Following a career path that he describes as “non-traditional,” Captain Chris Wade is a dive safety officer and senior aquarist at Sea Life Park Hawaii by Dolphin Discovery, the world’s largest provider of dolphin interactions.



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